Luontohut Valpperi
Welcome to Valpperi!

Stay in the midst of nature. Luontohut Valpperi is situated on a rocky knoll. Your comfort is considered, and the place offers a warm overnight stay without phone distractions. Phone-free stays are possible because we provide a box where you can place your phone during your stay. This provides guests with a private and undisturbed time.

Valpperi offers fantastic opportunities for movement in various forms. See below for all the activities you can do here.

Important notes:
  • There is no refrigerator in Luontohut.
  • Charging your phone is possible on-site.
Arriving at Valpperi:

By car:
(Urheilutie 19, Nousiainen)

By public transport:
Bus 302/303 (Rusko/vahto) departs from the market square stop E2, board the bus and continue to the final stop (Silvola).
Check the bus details and schedules: Here

Arrange a pre-booked taxi transportation to Silvola bus stop (Valpperintie 306, 21310 Rusko) with the driver Teemu Laine from Taxi Teemu Laine (phone: 0400 827 790). Please inform the driver of your schedule at the latest one day before, but preferably earlier.
The cost is 20€ per way.
Provide the driver with the address of Valpperi Luontohut (Urheilutie 19, Nousiainen).
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