Relax and reduce your stress levels.
Book your mini vacation at Luontohut accommodations.

Experience something magical
Eliminate your stress and book a mini vacation at Luontohut accommodations.
  • 2 beds that can be joined into a double bed.
  • Heated cabin, so you won't have to freeze.
  • Good hygiene.
Customer experiences
The locations of Luontohut
Book Luontohut accommodation.
Located on a rocky knoll, Luontohut offers a view of fields and forests, with a brilliant night sky. Starting from €109 for two.
Coming in the summer of 2024.
Join the waiting list for the Luontohut near Kurjenrahka and receive a discount code in your email when the destination is available for booking.
Why experience this?
  • Tranquility
    Experience the genuine feeling of tranquility. Luontohut provide an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Wake up to the sounds of nature, enjoy the scenery. Here, you can truly relax and recharge in the embrace of nature.
  • Scenery
    Enjoy breathtaking views. Luontohut open up to breathtaking natural surroundings, offering views that enchant. Wake up to a natural view and experience the beauty of nature right around you.
  • Be a part of nature
    Immerse yourself in the peace of nature with us. Our Luontohut offer a unique opportunity to connect with the surrounding beauty. Experience a new level of nature connection and savor the full nature experience.
  • Convenience
    Enjoy convenience. Compared to camping, arriving at the Luontohut is effortless – all you need is an arrival code to unlock the cabin. Instead of setting up and taking down a tent, spend your time admiring and relaxing in nature.
Frequently Asked Questions
Read all the questions here. Or contact Eero Forss (Luontohut) +358 44 292 1296.
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