What do in Valpperi

Nature hike

Welcome to Valpperi's forest, a place where haste is forgotten, and nature opens our hearts.

Let Valpperi's forest take you away. Here, you can forget about time and surrender to the enchanting embrace of nature. Walk peacefully along the paths that wind into the depths of the forest. Whether you choose a short stroll or a longer hike, here you can be exactly as you want to be.
Take a moment to sit and listen to the sounds of the forest. Breathe deeply and let nature calm your mind. You can bring your own snacks; small provisions can make your outing even more special – perhaps a thermos full of fresh coffee, cocoa, or a picnic basket with delicious treats?

If you crave activity, explore our disc golf course. Alternatively, choose a hut where you can barbecue sausages and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere. A free grill shelter is located along the jogging trail.

Choose Valpperi's forest, a place where nature is authentic. Come, experience, and be one with this unique environment.