What do in Valpperi

Grilling in the lean-to shelter

Welcome to the heart of Valpperi, where shared moments are woven into the cozy embrace of a hut. Standing beside the Valpperi Sports Hall, this hut provides a unique opportunity to gather – whether it's an evening with friends, a family celebration, or a team-building day.

The warmth and light of the hut invite you in, and its walls hold the story of shared joy and laughter. There is ample space for up to 40 people, where the shared moment gains its significance.

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The hut is designed for your comfort – equipped with electricity, lighting, sockets, and running drinking water. Valpperi's sports activities are right next to the hut, so you can enjoy the homely atmosphere before or after an active day.

Grilling moments take on a new dimension when you can prepare delicious sausages in the warmth of the hut. The wood is ready in the hut, and more can be found in the woodshed. Your key to the hut experience is conveniently located inside the key box next to the hut's door, and you can enter with your own code. (Note: The keys for Luontohut and the hut are separate and stored in different key boxes.)
As you leave, lock the door and return the key to the box. In the hut, you experience the power of connection and community, and every moment leaves a mark on our shared story.