What do in Valpperi

Disc golf course

Explore Valpperi's disc golf course, which opened its gates to disc golf enthusiasts in 2021. Our location at Urheilutie 17, 21270 Nousiainen, offers a fantastic mix of wooded trails and open, long fairways.

The course is particularly known for one of the most challenging par 5 holes in Southwest Finland, with a length exceeding 300 meters. During the winter season, Valpperi's terrain is dedicated to skiing, and the disc golf course is not maintained for winter use.

Nousten Frisbeegolf ry and the Municipality of Nousiainen collaborate to maintain the course and organize events. Convenient parking areas, rentable saunas, and a large hut are available near the course. Outdoor toilets are located right next to the parking area, and the course has free teeing areas.

Technical details of the Valpperi disc golf course:

  • Inauguration year: 2021
  • Baskets: Prodigy
  • Number of holes: 18
  • Tee surface: Artificial turf
  • Terrain: Flat, minimal elevation changes
  • Signs: Prodigy signs
  • Course type: Wooded course
  • Maintenance: Monthly
  • Course designer: Matti Huhtala
  • Free/paid: Free

Come experience the joy of disc golf in Valpperi! Explore hole descriptions and scores on our website. We offer players the opportunity to enjoy the picturesque surroundings and the versatility of disc golf. Welcome to enjoy the challenges and great playing experiences of the Valpperi disc golf course!

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