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Kurjenrahka National Park – Nature's Heartbeat Near You

Welcome to Kurjenrahka National Park, a magnificent gem of southern Finland's marsh and forest nature! Kurjenrahka, the home marsh of cranes, invites you to explore its unique nature and enjoy the fresh air throughout the year. Here are tips and guidelines for planning an unforgettable excursion.

Experiences in Kurjenrahka National Park:

Boardwalks wind their way through the forested marsh, offering memorable moments in the tranquility of nature. The park's symbol, the flying crane, proudly adorns its emblem and tells the story of the diverse birdlife in the area. You can also experience the springtime frenzy of owls and ski on snowy trails during the winter.


Kurjenrahka is suitable for all ages throughout the year. The accessible yard of Kurjenpesä Nature Center welcomes everyone. Familiarize yourself with the area in advance by reading the park's instructions and regulations.
Rules of Kurjenrahka National Park:

Respect nature and adhere to the park's regulations. Pets are welcome but must be kept on a leash. Movement is free except in restricted areas. Camping is only allowed in designated campfire sites.

Safety and Tips:

Familiarize yourself with the destination in advance, follow weather forecasts, and keep a phone with you. Lightweight footwear is suitable for the park's trails, and in late summer, be prepared for deer flies. Bring a water bottle, snacks, and toilet paper. Dress brightly and according to the weather.

Attractions in Kurjenrahka:

- From Rahka to Allikko: The area's marshes were formerly called 'rahka,' and the allikot (springs) provide sheltered nesting places for waterbirds.

- Pukkipalo Old-Growth Forest: An ancient area preserved from logging, showcasing beautiful fungi that tell the story of the power of nature.

- The Home Marsh of Cranes: The symbol of Kurjenrahka is the crane, and you may also hear the hooting of tawny owls or see a grouse on the edge of the bog.

- Friends of Twilight: Many animals move during the twilight, offering unique encounters.

Getting to Kurjenrahka:

It's easy to reach Kurjenrahka from the Luontohut cottage by car, taking only 15 minutes. You can also come by train, and there are good bus connections from Turku railway station.




- Follow the rules of nature and park regulations.

- Be prepared for changing weather conditions.

- Enjoy unique moments in the beautiful nature of Kurjenrahka!

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